B2B Lead Generation and Custom Email List Building

B2B Lead Generation and Custom Email List Building

What Is Lead Generation in terms of the B2B industry?

What is B2B Lead Generation

B2B Mean Business to Business. Lead generation is the Exercise of initiation of Customer interest and Deviation in your Service and Product you are offering. It means that you are perfect to fix their problem and Understand their pain point.

B2B Business trying many ways to generate leads.

For Success in Business they require constant flow of leads and new prospects. But it takes effort, time and investment to generate the right kind of leads.

B2B Industries are highly Depend on this Lead generation task. They also sometimes Collaborate with other firms to provide their services or to sell their products.

Their Journey starts from strangers and later then become customers to promoters.

Studies show that 68% of B2B marketers struggle with generating quality leads.

Difference Between Lead  &  Prospect

Lead -A simple lead is an unqualified information of Prospect. This is just kind of raw material and you have to put in the process to make a final product. This is at the top of the funnel.

Prospect  – Prospect is contact of people that raw lead has been converted into the Deal. This is your ideal customer. He can also be your promotor of your product and services.

Difference Between MQL and SQL

MQLs and SQLs

MQLs – (Marketing Qualified leads) These are the leads who are still not able to figure out their needs. They just randomly float in markets to search for their solutions. They are most likely to become customers and they are in loop.

You can identify them on the basis that they are attending your webinar, Download e –Books and Case Studies, Subscribe your newsletters. We can say these are not totally ripe fruits.

They might be just information seekers and or Browsing your websites.

SQLs– (Sales Qualified Leads) These leads are your potential customers. These leads are directly handled by the Sales team. The sales team has all the information of Prospects. They are in the middle of the funnel. MQLs Lead put in the process and they become SQLs.

There must be a collaboration with the MQL and SQL Team. They are not supposed to compete with each other.

Importance of Data mining and List Building for B2B

Data mining and list Building is Backbone for Generating Leads for any B2B industry. It is like Creating a list and whom you can reach quickly and Nurturing them.

No matter If you are selling Services or Products. Data Driven Companies take More advantage than others. Without data it is just like swimming in that air.

Tools Available in market 

There are many tools that are Available in the market for B2B Lead generation and List Building. These all are Subscription Based services and they charge differently in the market.

The Tools are embedded with Linkedin or Other Platform to get the data of prospects details.

Challenge with use of Tools for Email List Building

Use of tools and understanding it will take time. All  tools are not user Friendly. You can not create the Custom information as you want from these tools. Because it has some limited facilities. And if you are able to get all the information with the help of a tool, integrating the data at one place and Analyzing it for use is also a challenge. Sometimes all tools will only provide you personal email of prospects which is not professional and good ethics to reach them for Business.

Information that you can not find with the tools-

Some of the information you will not  be able to collect with the help of tools and software.

They require the manual search of the information and Collecting and Storing them.

  1. Annual Turnover 
  2. Monthly Or Yearly Sales Volume
  3. Employee Past Experience 
  4. SIC or NAICS Codes
  5. Type of Company
  6. Social Links
  7. Year of Founded
  8. Funding Nature and Source
  9. Prospect Educational Background e.t.c

So there are lots of custom fields that you can not get from these software. Because only Prospect Name and Email Is not only Sufficient to analyze the data. The tools will help you with only limited information which is not ample to analyze and convert the data into qualified leads.

Manual List Building for B2B Lead Generation Email

Now Come to the point: How Manual List Building is more Helpful in Lead Generation rather than use of tools and software.

To we Clear if you want to target your Prospect you must have Exact Vision whom you want to Target. It is like Who are those which your product or services fit for them.

You must have clear information of your target Prospects:-

1. Industry
(IT / Software / Construction /Real Estate / Manufacturing / Education / Medical etc)

2. Prospect Title


3. Function

4. Location
(U.S.A / UK / INDIA / SINGAPORE / Any country across globe)

5. Level

6. Size of Organization
(1-10 / 11- 100 / 100 -1000 / 1000+ Any particular count)

It is a Specific list Building Process according to the requirement. So, First you Have to identify your Target Market after research.

The Manual Database Generation is High quality process of creating data under your target. It is also involved in visual looking of each data to avoid mistakes. Every field of data is collected one by one in the Datasheet. And there is also a process of verifying the data. Here required some paid tools to verify the Data authenticity. Data validation is best when it is done manually and one by one.

The quality of  Database will determine your Success over the Conversion. It will tell you about the successful Campaign

Prospecting list database is Great resource for Direct emailing, Cold calling, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising.

The Success of B2B and B2C  Marketing campaigns Depends on the Quality of Database of Prospect list.

Advantage of Manual Data Mining and List Building-

  1. Email List can convert more subscriber into customer
  2. Can add Custom Field
  3. Can Upload on your CRM
  4. Clear and Detail Insight
  5. Can use with any Email Marketing and Automation software
  6. Easy Access to all you team Member
  7. Retarget
  8. Can Add Multiple Contact of same Company
  9. You can Clean and Update the list anytime
  10. Lifetime use
  11. Your Own Assets
  12. Same list can be used in Different Targeting Niche
  13. Cost effective and in Budget
  14. You can Clean your

A customized database B2B Lead Generation Email can be prepared as much as the info you want for correct analysis of your prospect information.

  1.       Company Name
  2.       Website
  3.       Generic Email
  4.       Company
  5.       First Name
  6.       Middle Last
  7.       Last Name
  8.       Job Title
  9.       Person Email Address
  10.   Telephone Country Code
  11.   Company Telephone Number
  12.   Address 1
  13.   Address 2
  14.   Address 3
  15.   Postal Code
  16.   City
  17.   County
  18.   Zip
  19.   Country
  20.   Gender
  21.   Social Links
  22.   Many More as you need

You can Add and Remove the field of Requirements according to your need. This is the basic structure of List Building.

Manual list Building can be Targeted the Prospect from Every Corner of Globe for B2B Lead Generation Email

  1.       USA Industries
  2.       UK and EU Industries
  3.       Australian Industries
  4.       Asia Industry List
  5.       SA Region Industry

How Complex List Generation can only be done through Manual Lead Generation 

Manual Lead Generation and List Building is not a simple process. It requires extensive research and lots of knowledge and experience.

There are some geography on the globe which require complex research due to lack of source data. As they don’t have a proper website, Prospect is not available on Professional platforms like Linkeidn, Zoominfo etc. (in case with small and medium owners and professional)

In this case Data is only collected through manual research techniques. They Require Deep search throughout the web and internet.

So, Quality list is prepared By manual process. And It will return you a better ROI.

Paying for Quality email list is worth the investment.

Data Appending and Phone Appending to Existing Email Database

Data Appending – Data is the valuable assets of any business and It requires regular update and Scrutinizing.  Half of data is like Half of wisdom and It can be Dangerous. Data appending services are also important. In Data Upending Usually Verify the data and Remove the updated one and add the Current one. Is is also Process of filling in the missing information of your Data. If you want to add some more custom fields will add them for you. So you can make it highly Convertible.


Phone Appending– B2B Sales Highly Depend when you contact the exact person and Exact target. Our Highly Skilled team Will Search all the possible sources to get the Contact Information of your target prospect. We will Append your Existing database with the Mobile, Direct Number, Phone Number Whatever possible and Best we can do.

So you can reach them directly to their phone and get a fast response. This is also a best method for Best Conversion of data.

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