B2B Lead Generation: A Basic Guide you must Know

What is Lead in marketing?

It is a piece of contact information who is interested in your product or services. The lead can be Individuals or organizations. can share their information through phone, email, Social Media handles, etc.

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What is lead generation?

Lead Generation is just triggering or the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into the product and Services you are in. The method of generating the leads falls under the roof of Advertising, Branding, Social Marketing & Many More. Lead Generation Depends on Organic Results like referring to Existing customers, Search Engines. Lead Generation is a part of Digital Marketing.

Why Lead Generation is Important?

Lead generation is very important to every type and size of business to remain alive in space. Lead Generation Requires for every kind of Marketplace. No matter it is B2B or B2C. It is important for every business so they can easily control another field of the same Business. It is also vital for the expansion of Business and to cross the Border for service.  

What is Digital Lead Generation?

Lead Generation has been around for many years. But now the processes are changing. Traditional Strategy is not much powerful and Capital wasting. Now Digital Medium of Lead generation is getting attention in every Business. It Can also save your time and Coast. And the best thing you can set up Consultation on the Prospect Demand. So there is a high chance of Conversion. This is also called online lead generation. Many Freelancers are available in the market for Online lead Generation task.

Medium of Digital Lead Generation

  1. Social Media– Social Media has plenty of sources of online lead generation. Because around 58% of the world population is using Social media. And people almost spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on Social media. So there a high chance to keep engaging the people on the social media platform. 
  2. Email Marketing – Email Marketing is also the best way of communication with your prospects. It is also a method to generate leads with Cold Email and Warm email Campaign. In some Countries, email is highly preferable.  
  3. Digital Telemarketing– This is not about the old method that I am talking about the person who sits and Dials the call. In this Digital telemarketing, there is an IVR system to generate leads. There is an automated call and leads Capture facility. 
  4. PPC Advertising– PPC marketing is an efficient way to get leads. If your sales funnel is strongly Designed then you can invest some amount on the Ads Platform to generate a lead of interesting prospect detail.

What is B2B Lead generation?

I think you all are aware of B2B. Yes, we can be called it Business to Business. In B2B any Business developed the product for other businesses. It can apply to large companies like automobile manufacturing, Software Developing and Small Companies like Bottle manufacturing. The companies are marketing and selling the products for other business not direct to consumer.

B2B Leads are often grouped of two types:-

  1. MQLs ( Marketing Qualified Leads)– These Leads come through different marketing channels such Ads, Web Search, Content Marketing. These leads are likely to convert in sales by nurturing them.
  2. SQLs ( Sales Qualified Leads)– SQL Leads are ready to engage with the SDR team. These are highly interested in your product or services. These leads are ready making producing and trustable Business Between them.

Why B2B is Different from B2C?

To Improve B2B Marketing campaign B2B Sales approach is different and unique. It is required a highly qualified sales team for proper interaction and able to do Conversion. In B2B sales team are likely to speak with High Decision-makers of the company, not the regular or General Consumers. The sales team must have well-trained and efficient Communication.

Their Branding and Placements are Different from B2C. Random Target will not work here.

The Importance of Database In B2B Marketing 

A successful B2B Campaign Depends on the Database of Target Prospect used by the Sales team. Without Good Quality And Accurate Data, B2B sales are tough to generate leads. Data mining has also a vital role in B2B Lead Generation. Data has separate importance in B2B Sales Lead. The sales team has Correct and Proper information about Prospect. So there is a high chance of a conversion. The most successful B2B Companies work on top of their data and analyze them day-to-day for the Decisions making. Data is using a way to Basic of Analyzing and Forecasting. Incomplete and Improper information leads to a very low score on leads qualifying. And ultimately it will affect your time and cost.

Data Trend in B2C

Even you have heard B2C companies are rigorously working on big Data and Data analytics to observe the changing of the behaviour of Consumers day by day. They are spending a lot of amount on this track with high profile team. The data must be Precisely collected. Some Basic information must be required to target accurate industry for maximum reach and Conversion

Basic Requirements of Database

  1. Industry Information– Which kind of Industry Suits you and for your product or services. IT, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Apparel, SaaS, Marketing & Advertising, Demand, and Lead Generation many more.
  2. Target Title– Which Job Profile Person or designation will accurate. The Prospect title is also an important factor while collecting information. Example- CEO, CFO or any C- level, Marketing Head, Finance Heads, Business Development Heads 
  3. Geography– You have to Identify your target location and Geography for the correct approach.
  4. A segment of Industry By Company Size– This thing you must have in Consideration while targeting your Prospect. The Company size count matters a lot while targeting leads. Whether your business can able to target small and medium-sized or you are enough to handle to Big enterprises.

Lead Generation Strategy used in B2B Business and Lead Magnets.

B2B Lead Magnet startegy
  1. Whitepapers– Whitepaper is the best form of lead magnet in the B2B Industry. 
  2. Product or Service Demo – Providing Demos is always working better in any industry to crack the deal with Prospect. You can show them how your product fits to solve their pain point and solve their problem.
  3. Free Consultation– Who does not like free things. Providing free consultation to your prospect is a good chance to communicate with them and the best idea to generate leads.
  4. Newsletter – Newsletters are an efficient technique to grab attention. you can send a research report to them.
  5. Webinars – Nowadays webinars is an emerging and successful trend to offer as a lead magnet. You can Do interactive webinars to convert the leads into the deal.

What is the B2B lead generation funnel?

A road map from Designing a process of an unknown visitor’s first time on your website to Become a Potential buyer is called a lead generation funnel. In the B2B, lead funnel only offering a lead magnet to your prospect is not enough. These are the higher authority of any Company. They are not seeking a free lead magnet. They are looking for them who can solve their pain point.

B2B Lead generation funnel Stage

Awareness stage – Top of the Funnel (ToFu)

Interest stage – Middle of the Funnel (MoFu)

Actionable stage – Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)

Prospect Segmentation on Lead Generation

Prospect Segmentation is also one of the best methods for B2B Lead Generation and B2B Marketing.

Mainly there are 3 Types of Lead

Hot Leads – These are Qualified leads. Hot leads are ready to make a transaction with you and ready to buy. And the Important thing you have to keep these prospects retain in your business. 

Warm Leads – These are people or Businesses who show interest in you. They may have already done a trial, reading your Blogs, Engage with you on social media, Signup for Newsletters, Subscribe to your channel.

Cold Leads – These Prospects do not have any knowledge of who you are, what your company does. Here is all data is mixed. These might Become your Buyers or May Be only Information seekers. They will also reject you. 



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